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Givanna I, is crowned Queen of Poetry

Under the glow of a new sun and a magical montage full of fantasy, young María Paula Velarde received the crown that makes her Queen of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse “.

The queen of childhood received the crown from Dr. Eneyda Rocha Ruiz, president of the state DIF System on behalf of the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya and the center was given to her by Dr. María Teresa Apodaca with the representation of the President Municipal of Mazatlán, Edgar González Zatarain.

When the rain of confetti and the spectacular fireworks were crowned, they confirmed that hope and childhood continue to pursue dreams, sow desires and occupy a place in the hearts of each of us.

The coronation of María Paula Velarde was inspired by the characters of “The Magic Flute” and passed through an enchanted garden where the sun and the moon spent time at dusk until the presence of some footmen who announced the presence of the sovereigns, everything through a beautiful choreographic proposal directed by maestra Montserrat Millán, who tried to represent the most important of the myths and legends about the eclipse around the world.

The stage was the Teodoro Mariscal stadium where thousands of people, most of them young people, witnessed the traditional coronation of the Children’s Queen of the Carnaval and the moment when Givanna I received the royal attributes that make her the Queen of Poetry of Carnaval Mazatlán 2024, from the hands of Dr. María Teresa Apodaca, president of the DIF-Mazatlán System.

It was a magical night in which Adriana Alfonsina Vizcarra Castro received an award and the affection of the public for her 25 years as queen of Mazatlan childhood.

Prior to the coronation of María Paula I and Givanna I, a large body of dancers from the Vilanova Danzario Art Center under the direction of Montserrat Millán, staged a choreography in which La Luna (Mariana Guerrero) and El Sol (Gabriel Jiménez) through music and dance they traveled with enthusiasm and energy the astral planes to reach the king of the stars.

A showy “Papagena” was the guide to take the public to the observatory of the fears and conventionalism with which human beings have interpreted eclipses.

The message proposed in this story is to value human strength and continue generating ideas and knowledge to obtain hope in the continuity of life.

The children who hold reigns in their respective schools also responded to the call of the stars and accompanied María Paula and Givanna on her coronation night.

Melanie Alarcón, Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán International 2023 and Ivanna Arámburo, Queen of Poetry 2023, and princesses Lissete García and Osleydi Velarde joined the children’s celebration.

When the rain of confetti and the spectacular fireworks were crowned, they confirmed that hope and children continue to pursue dreams, continue to sow desires and continue to occupy a place in the hearts of each of us.

Floor 21 stirs up its fans
Those from Medellín, Piso 21 did not discuss their success, fame and reach, they demonstrated it at the coronation of S.G.M. María Paula I, Children’s Queen and her S.G.M. Givanna I, Queen of Poetry of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024.

His fans felt and sang several songs from “Los niños” that with music and images impregnated the memory of the young attendees and good connoisseurs of Reggaeton, Latin Pop and Latin Trap as well as the young people from the United States, Europe and Latin America who have also attended his concerts.
Juan David Castaño (El llanero), David Escobar (Dim), Juan David Huertas (El Profe) and Pablo Mejía (Pablito) were in clear harmony by including in their setlist the songs that have become popular among Mexicans.

The nominees for the Latin Billboard Music Awards in 2023 sang and danced with “Me llamas” an very heard song, and it was evident that the majority of their fans knew them for that song, plus the lyrics are ideal to dedicate to a love from the past which you do not forget, but you are sure that he still thinks about you.

Topics like “Bestamos” for all the people in love, and “Sinceramente”, “La vida sin ti”, “Pa’olvidarme de ella”, “Te amo” and “Báilame despacio”, among other hits were performed by the young Colombians who managed to ignite the spirits of the audience, mostly young people who stood up and sang the songs and did not stop recording the concert.

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