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Carnival Topics

Obviously the theme of the party is always the fun, the show, the revelry and the dance. However, in order to achieve unity in the various concepts to which the allegories of the parades are subjected, the choreographies of the coronations, the adornments of the city, the total image of the carnival, then, the determination of a specific, mutable theme was necessary. year with year.

The precedent of this notion, is in the season of 1943, when the Second World War was in development and Mexico had joined it after German submarines sinking national vessels in the Atlantic. The end of the “Triple Entente” at the hands of the armies “Allies” seemed close, anticipating the possible victory the Mazatlecos decided to celebrate in their own way and called the party that year “The Carnival of Victory.”

Nineteen later the annual theme for the party would be definitively established at the initiative of the engineer Leopoldo Reyes Ruiz, better known in the carnival sphere as “Pepegrillo”. Mare Amore e fantasia was the theme chosen in 1962 that served to create a concept for the parade, which for the first time was organized into sections, as we know it now.

Since then, year after year, the Mazatlan carnival receives a particular theme that sometimes alludes to geographical regions and historical moments (Oriental Fantasy, Viva America, on the occasion of the V centenary of the discovery, Mazatlan of my Memories, A Toast to the Past), to the literature of adventures, myths, fable and legend (Around the World in pursuit of Joy, The Thousand and One Fantasy, An Almanac of Adventures, “Once Upon a Time …”, From Myth to Mitote) , the world of entertainment (The Greatest Show on Earth, on the most famous musical comedies, Hollywood Unforgettable, The dazzling Kingdom of the Show) or popular culture (Let me follow the Tambora, Fiestas and Traditions of Mexico).



  • 1943 Carnival of Victory
  • 1962 Mare, love and fantasy
  • 1963 Fantasy on the Riviera
  • 1964 Oriental Fantasy
  • 1965 There was no issue. It was announced as “Musical parade with international nuances”
  • 1966 There was no issue.
  • 1967 Fantasy of other times
  • 1968 Around the world in pursuit of joy
  • 1969 European Fantasy Carrousel
  • 1970 The greatest show on earth (musical comedies)
  • 1971 The thousand and one fantasies
  • 1972 There was once … (long journey to fable and legend)
  • 1973 The great jewels of the song
  • 1974 To the beat of the illusion (the films of yesterday, today and always)
  • 1975 Joy is the color of the world
  • 1976 Nights of Mazatlan
  • 1977 Thousand faces have the dance
  • 1978 An almanac of adventures
  • 1979 Masquerade, love and fantasy
  • 1980 The splendor of five continents
  • 1981 The wonderful world of fantasy
  • 1982 Fantasy of the seven seas
  • 1983 Music, love and streamers
  • 1984 The dazzling realm of the show
  • 1985 A toast to the past
  • 1986 Where dreams come true
  • 1987 The gold of fantasy
  • 1988 The wonders of the world
  • 1989 Hollywood unforgettable
  • 1990 If Versailles knew
  • 1991 Let the tambora follow me
  • 1992 Live America
  • 1993 From myth to mitote
  • 1994 Mazatlan of my memories
  • 1995 Festivals and traditions of Mexico
  • 1996 The origins
  • 1997 Evolution
  • 1998 The first century
  • 1999 Winds of Epic
  • 2000 Millennium Carnival
  • 2001 And Let the Music Sound.
  • 2002 Passion for the Carnivals
  • 2003 Lights, Camera, Tradition
  • 2004 Glory and Splendor
  • 2005 To the Heat of Its People
  • 2006 Spirits of Sea and Wind
  • 2007 Spells of Puerto Viejo
  • 2008 Distant Stories
  • 2009 Universal Fantasy
  • 2010 With national fervor!
  • 2011 The Return of the Muses
  • 2012 The Feast of the Empires
  • 2013 The Magic Lantern
  • 2014 Litoralia: The skin of the sea
  • 2015 The dreams of Momo
  • 2016 Mazatlántida: the allegory that emerged from the waves

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