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Antonio Zazueta and Lissete García, are placed in front of the first computation

Antonio Zazueta with 100,000 votes and Lissete García, with 40,000, were placed in front of the first count for the election of the Children’s King and Queen of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023.

Before the first count, a joyous carnaval demonstration took place that crossed the avenues of the north of the city.

The papaquis [joyful Carnaval music in Nahuatl] rang and announced the passage of Carolina Pérez, current Queen of Carnival Mazatlan and Ivanna Matamoros, Queen of the Floral Games 2022.

Sinaloan bands, dance groups, candidates for the royalty of the greatest fiesta and many supporters poured into the streets to join the festive demonstration.

During the tour, thousands of happy Mazatlecans in the streets greeted the royalty and met those who aspire to occupy the thrones of the next edition of Carnaval Mazatlan.

The festive automobile caravan advanced and with it flowed the joy of the candidates for Carnaval Queen: Ana Mendivil, Brenda Tirado, Nadia López, Carolina Chavarín, Gabriela Peña, Arely Díaz, Montserrat Gómez, Valeria Páez, América Herrera, Alejandra Tirado and Una Ramirez.

Upon reaching the center of the first count, the first cheers were for the candidates for King of Carnaval: Edgar Navarro, Antonio Zazueta, Victor Quiroz and Christian Loredo.

The Plaza de la Colonia Francisco Villa was covered in colors, the music of Grupo One Play contagious with its versatility when interpreting songs that make even the most listless dance.

From Los Angeles Azules and other groups, the music provoked Francisco, the current Prince of Carnaval; Gibrán, Marqués Real and the candidates for King of Carnaval danced and dusted off the stage.

While notary public José Manuel Magallón Osuna attested to the legality of the first count, the child candidates were presented with shouts of support: Ivanna Arámburo, Melanie Alarcón, Osleidy Velarde and Lisset García and all to the rhythm of “Noa noa”, they improvised with graceful and dizzying steps.

Along with them, Scarleth I, Children’s Queen of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2022 and Romina I, current Queen of Poetry, took the stage.

One of the intense and most effusive moments of the night was the presentation of the candidates for the reign of the next Carnaval, since the catwalk of the beautiful competitors caused the multicolored cheers [each team has a different color] to shout in favor of each one of the girls.

Dancers from the Vilanova Academy under the artistic direction of Monserrat Millán raised the spirits of the public with choreographies specially prepared for the long-awaited carnaval party.

Results of the first calculation of the candidates for King of Carnival Mazatlan: Edgar Navarro, 30 thousand pesos; Antonio Zazueta, 100 thousand; Victor Quiroz, 32 thousand 713; Cristian Loredo, 31 thousand 500.

Results of the first computation for Reina Infantil [Child Queen]: Ivanna Arámburo, 33 thousand 820 pesos; Melanie Alarcón, 34 thousand; Osleidy Velarde, 30 thousand 100; Lissete García, 40 thousand pesos.

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