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Ambassadors from different cities in Mexico and the United States are in Mazatlán ready to participate in the Carnaval parades next Sunday and Tuesday and are preparing for the Grand Dance where one of them She will be elected International Queen of the Pacific 2024.

This contest, organized annually by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, will take place on Monday, February 12th at 9:00 p.m. in the La Pérgola Hall of El Cid.

And while this exciting night arrives, the representatives of beauty and culture from different cities enjoy the charms of Mazatlán and will be present at the coronations of the Queen of the Floral Games of Carnaval de Mazatlán 2024, Siu Ling Cotero Chío and the Carnaval Queen, Carolina Ruelas. They will also greet Mazatlecos and tourists during the long-awaited Carnaval parades.

With just one day in the port, the beautiful women were invited by the Mazatlán Instituto de Cultura to a fraternal meeting held at El Observatorio 1873, last Thursday night.

They were offered a tour of this historic site and a welcome dinner, in which they all wore their crowns and their extraordinary evening dresses.

Lori Lizárraga, former Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán, reported that the 18 Ambassadors will participate in the election of the “International Queen of the Pacific 2024” that will be held in “La Pérgola” of the El Cid Hotel on Monday, February 12th at nine in the evening.

Competing for the crown of Queen of the International Pacific:
Cristina Yamileth Rodríguez Meza, Miss Caribbean Mayan Universe; Jennifer Saraí Bórquez Aguirre,Miss Towering Universe Riviera Maya; Katherine Nohemí Burgos Pineda, Nayarit Ambassador 2022; Marisol Gutiérrez Félix, Miss Global Mexico 2024; Samantha Trujillo Camacho, Miss Caribbean Universe 2023; Ana Lucinda Mendoza Sainz,Miss Fire World 2023; Fernanda Beltrán, Queen of International Friendship of the Pacific; Alexia Vianey Briviesca Espinoza, The Miss Globe México 2023; Angela Michelle Leon Yuriar; Miss Earth Sinaloa 2024; Claudia Samantha Pineda Guerrero, Miss Multinational Mexico 2024; Itzayana Guadalupe Meza Arce, Miss Mesoamerica Mexico 2022; Jesslyn Escarrega Arredondo, Ms. Sinaloa of the State Committee of Héctor Diaz; Cristina Villegas, Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2023; Dalva Naylea Rico Colmenero Miss Tourism California; Paulina Hernández Pérez, Miss Model USA; Beyaesmeralda Félix, Miss Sinaloense Fraternity;
Ximena Nataly Torres Lizarraga, Miss Teen Sonora; Diana Paola Ramirez Fierro, Miss Teen International Sinaloa 2023.

The 18 ambassadors will also attend the Naval Combat and
They will show off their beauty aboard the floats in the two parades, they will also offer interviews and presentations in the Mazatlán media and they will get to know the tourist and gastronomic attraction sites of our beautiful port.

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