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Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlan filled the 7th edition of Sinaloa Encanta 2023 with music and color through a joyous show that culminated with the dazzling presence of SGM Alejandra I and SGM Uma I, sovereigns of the greatest party in the Port.

Thousands of people gathered in the San Isidro field, in Villa Juárez, Navolato, to enjoy the cultural show that included music, dances and traditions and opened a generous space to try the gastronomic delights that Mazatlán and Sinaloa offer to the world.

During this memorable event attended by the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, the sovereigns of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlan 2023: SGM Alejandra I, Queen of Carnaval and SGM Uma I, Queen of the Floral Games, captured the attention of those present, who did not hesitate to request a photo of the memory together with the queens of the maximum fiesta in the Port.

During the night in the concert area, the Folkloric Ballet of the Instituto de Cultura, by Maestro Javier Arcadia, and the Astros Academy, by Pablo Navarrete, showed their talent with traditional Carnaval dances, through performances in the ones that showed so much talent, energy and joy, managing to win over the spectators.

Maestro Arcadia’s group performed “Griego”, “Transformación” and “Fiesta”, while Navarrete’s group danced “Rey Sol”, “Rey Moderno” and regional sounds such as “El Sinaloense” and “El pato asado”, musical pieces that were performed during the coronation of the King of Carnaval Mazatlan 2023.

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