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Eighty thousand pesos were obtained by the troupe “Imperio Fiesta” directed by the choreographer Naysin Espinoza Coronado, by winning first place in the dance troupe contest of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2023.

In accordance with the call, the results were announced this Monday at a press conference held at Casa Haas, chaired by maestro, choreographer and essayist Monserrat Millán, coordinator of comparsas [dance troupes]; Alma Barajas, coordinator of the parades of the port’s Carnaval and maestro and dancer Jesús Manuel López Cruz.

Maestra Naysin Espinoza dedicated the award to her mother Irma Gloria Coronado V., who passed ten months ago. With 15 years of experience in this carnaval competition, she assured that this year she put more heart into training due to the sensitive loss of her mother to whom she dedicated the result of the contest.

Second place and a cash prize of 60,000 pesos went to the “Fiesta, Color y Magia” troupe from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

Their choreographer, Yosin Armenta Jaime, commented that he was tired and worked at forced marches, because this year the time for rehearsals and costume making was less, but it is understandable due to the change of administration.

There was a lot of pressure, but it went very well for us, we worked as a team and that must be emphasized, it is not the work of one, it is the work of sixty colleagues who were rehearsing and committed to be able to place, and the celebration is for them.

Third place and a prize of 40,000 pesos went to the “Fiesta y Color” troupe and its choreographer José Ramírez, who declared that this year they came more prepared and willing to win a place.

Our compañeros also come strong, he said, when thanking the production team, his students and all those who are behind the scenes in the troupe.

The jury was made up of maestros: Enrique Acosta Cázares, winner of comparsas on multiple occasions in the city of La Paz; dancer and choreographer Carlos Miguel Coronel Sánchez; Sergio Díaz Villaseñor, participant in several Carnavals in Sinaloa and Jesús Manuel López Cruz, jury in previous editions, dancer in past editions of Carnaval Mazatlán and who was present at the conference to announce the winners of the comparsas that participated in Carnaval Mazatlán 2023 “Deja Vu 125 Años”.

According to the announcement, the jury qualified Coordination and originality in movement; march choreography, costumes, movement evolutions and atmosphere with the public.

Maestro Jesús Manuel López Cruz, representative of the jury, gave a message from Mr. Sergio Díaz, from Mr. Enrique Acosta Cázares and choreographer and dancer Carlos Coronel, in which he congratulated the participants and especially the body of dancers of each of the Carnaval comparsas.

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