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Plan de Escape and Eden Muñoz sing to Victor II, King of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023

It’s 7 in the evening and the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium was slowly being filled, outside people line up at the ticket office and line up at the entrances, it’s a night of glamor and gathering. The public is attending the coronation of Víctor II, King of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023.

Inside the stadium, lines to hydrate and lines to annihilate cravings, the audio is at a low volume and the lights are still not on, the screens turn on, people walk, guided, to find their seat.

Directed by Sergio Lizárraga Jr., the group Plan de Escape enters the stage.

They define themselves under a Norteño Urbano musical concept, they have already performed in CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara, their record production “Seguimos Subiendo” is advancing in public acceptance.
They performed classic songs and of course they couldn’t miss their song “Vete a la…” which was sung by many of the attendees.

What I’m feeling is crazy, I wanted to sing here before I died”: Eden Muñoz.

The third call was announced and the stadium lights were turned off, a mustached animated character with big boots appeared on the screen saying: “Take photos and videos so others can see what they missed.”
An accordion with the letters EM performed acrobatics on the screen, impeccable sound, the concert began, “Como quieras, quiero” a song written by Edén Muñoz drew the public’s acclaim.

The King of Carnaval de Mazatlán 2023, Victor II, sang with a splendid smile while Eden Muñoz sang in front of him; Light sets in soft tones illuminated the stage for people to sing along with the interpreter “Creo en ti”, women recording themselves in selfie mode to post on insta, on whatsapp or in sugar dady mode, crush mode or idyllic mode, these are sociodigital times, times of love for the screen.

“What I’m feeling is very crazy, I wanted to sing here before I died, I owe a lot to this land, I’ve been on stage for seventeen years now,” says Eden… a silence pauses and the “Corrido de Juanito” starts the shouting, seriousness in the expressions and nostalgic songs “Almost fourteen years without going to the land where I was born…As you wish I am a friend and also a Mazatleco…a Mazatleco to the top”.

Intense applause and shouts of acceptance, Eden Muñoz is now from Mazatlan and says hello to Mazatlán, such a blessed place.

He dedicated songs to women to whom have never had one dedicated , they begin to stand up to sing or dance, Edén Muñoz has already made communion with his audience… “We want them to have a great time” he says shouting and a medley sounds of Selena, they continue dancing and singing and…”Chale” the stadium rumbles, “Como me Duele” “A la Antigüita “ “Sangoloteadito” “Si te Pudiera Mentir” “Siempre te voy a Querer” and indeed, the attendees… They will always love Eden Muñoz! For his concert at Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlan.

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