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The joy and splendor of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlan will be promoted this afternoon during the opening parade of the Feria de la Madera 2023 [wood fair] in El Salto Pueblo Nuevo, Durango to take place from the 19th to 28th of May.

During the parade, the current rulers of the greatest fiesta will bring out the soul of Carnaval: Alejandra Tirado, Queen of Carnaval; Uma Ramírez, Queen of the Floral Games; the King, Victor Quiroz; the Children’s Queen, Melanie Alarcón and the Queen of Poetry, Ivanna Arámburo.

The jazz group All Dance from Cbtis 51 led by Blanca Gabriela Ibarra García; Danza Asis, directed by Celia Noriega and the Danzare Studio academy, under the direction of Naysin Espinosa Coronado.

Blanca Ibarra indicated that this invitation is very special and her group with almost 20 dancers is motivated and professionally assumed the opportunity to promote the magic of the biggest fiesta in the Port through the “Rostros de Déjà vu” troupe.

Maestra Naysin Espinoza, owner of Danzare Studio, affirmed that for her and her dancers the invitation of CULTURA to be able to bring to Durango the soul of the most representative popular festival of Mazatlán is a source of pride and great commitment.

It is pride and a commitment because it is an opportunity to express to the world what Carnaval is, the essence of this traditional event and what better than with a dance troup because at the end of the day we are the soul of this great fiesta, she said.

The Feria de la Madera is a festival with roots among the people of Durango that began in 1990, there are 10 days of activities where there are massive events, concerts, walks, among other events that convenes thousands of attendees from the region and from various states of Mexico annually.

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