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The Gran Acuario Mazatlán “Mar de Cortés” welcomed guests of honor when receiving the sovereigns of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023, SGM Alejandra I, Queen of Carnaval; SGM Uma I, Queen of the Floral Games; SGM Víctor II, King of the Carnaval; SGM Melani I, Children’s Queen of Carnaval and SGM Ivanna I, Queen of Poetry.

This Monday, for just over two hours, the rulers of the biggest party in the Port took a guided tour of the facilities of the new Aquarium that allowed them to learn about some of the marine species that inhabit the Gulf of California.

Wearing their official crowns and bands, the special guests enjoyed the attractions and amenities that the building has and drew the attention of visitors who did not hesitate to ask for a souvenir photo with royalty.

The Gran Acuario Mazatlán Mar de Cortés is considered the largest in Mexico and the most important in Latin America, inhabited by more than 350 marine, terrestrial and different bird species, it has 19 rooms set in first world open and closed spaces and in its fish tanks there are more than five million liters of salt water.

At the end of the visit, the queens and the King of Carnaval were delighted with the tour, the locations, and above all the kind treatment they received from the staff, as well as the attention of the visitors towards them.

Uma Tirado, Queen of the Floral Games, admitted that she found it incredible to have this experience, she was surprised by the large number of species that inhabit it, and she is waiting for the new attractions to repeat the tour.

Víctor Quiroz was impressed by the capacity it has, the species there are, the fish tanks, it is a place with incomparable architecture and he said without a doubt he would recommend this attraction.

Melani Alarcón was delighted to see the new aquarium, but above all she was fascinated by the marine life in each of the tanks.

Ivanna Arámburo, Queen of Poetry, indicated that it was incredible to see the huge fish tanks, the decoration inside them, and to enjoy each of the settings; she promised to return very soon.

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