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The members of La Original Banda El Limón de Don Salvador Lizárraga, demonstrated that they are prophets in their land, during the concert on Monday of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 in which they managed to gather around 60 thousand people who sang and danced to his long list of hits for several hours.

It was on the stage set up by the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán in front of the Venadito, where Patasaladas, tourists from various parts of Mexico and foreigners, enjoyed an evening to the sound of the band with a repertoire made up of the group’s hits in the 1990s. the 80’s, 90’s and the new millennium, in addition to a shower of surprises that were presented over three hours.

Fireworks, sparks, confetti were also present during the night and brightened the moment of each of those present who were pleased with the quality provided by the Mazatlecan group in each of their presentations.

From the first musical note, the atmosphere brightened when listening to the music and the voice of vocalists Víctor Noriega and Mazatlecan native Ramón Maldonado, who did not stop interacting with the public.

The first part of the concert went through the classic songs that were hits on the radio, the song being “La Simona” with which they charged up the square and made those present dance, sing and jump with excitement.

The cumbias and rancheritas songs were also part of the repertoire where “Al ritmo de la banda”, “La Guarecita”, “La Novia del pajarillo”, “Dos gotas de agua”, “Vida prestada”, “Reproches al viento”, “Sabiendo quien era yo”, “Leña de pirul” “Que se te olvidó” and “Como le haré para olvidarte”, among others.

Throughout its history, The Original Banda El Limón has had great voices in the group and on this special night the singers took the stage: Jorge Cordero, Antonio Lizárraga, Israel Valdez and Lorenzo Méndez, who sang songs that became hits in their voice.

The first guest was Jorge Cordero who remembered the songs “Black Diamond”, “Your Ingratitude”, “El Esquimal” and “The Harvest”.

Israel Valdez performed “ Ahora por idea”, “La cama destendida” “Fruta Madura” and his unmatched hit “La abeja reina”, where they invited the King of Joy Héctor Limón to the stage who sang in chorus with the singers.

Lorenzo Méndez made the audience vibrate with romantic songs such as “Sal de mi vida”, “El mejor perfume”, the cumbia of “La pollera colorá” and his first hit that he recorded with the group “Di que Volverás” ”.

Antonio “Toño” Lizárraga also participated singing his greatest hits such as “Al menos”, “Derecho de antigüedad”, “Que me digan loco”, “Paso a paso”, el corrido de “Laurita Garza”, “El primer lugar” Afterwards, guest and headline vocalists sang “El corrido de Mazatlán”, “Un fist de tierra” and “El sinaloense” together.

The final part of the concert was made up of Sinaloan cumbias such as “Te aprovechas”, “Juan Martha”, “El toro mambo”, “El Camaleón”, “Por esa calle vive”, “La mesa del rincón” to conclude an Original night.
[10:16 p. m., 13/2/2024] +52 1 669 139 0172: Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán

Communiqué No. 884

The second and last parade of the Mazatlán Carnival ’24 experienced from the inside

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, February 13, 2024. – Faithful to tradition, Mazatlecans gathered on the boardwalk and foreign families traveled kilometers to experience Carnaval Mazatlán that paralyzed the city; This Tuesday the most emblematic festival of the Mazatlecans came to an end with the second and last parade of floats on the coastal promenade.

The last tour of the rolling floats of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse” brought together thousands of Mazatlecan families, national and foreign tourists who wanted to experience the most anticipated party in the port from within.

From early in the morning, hundreds of people were stationed on the Malecón to reserve a place where they could enjoy the second most traditional Carnaval parade in Mexico.

Once installed in their space, the families settled in with chairs and tables, where they could see different delicacies such as ceviche, marlin stew, frijoles puercos, tuna pie, shrimp pate, among a wide variety of food.

At exactly three in the afternoon, the participation of the different official sponsors began during the passage of the commercial advance, the first call that announced the great parade.

The cheerful caravan did not stop distributing souvenirs and confetti among thousands of spectators who waited early for the passage of S.G.M. Carolina III, Queen of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 ; S.G.M. Siu Ling I; Queen of the Floral Games; H.G. Hector III, King of Joy; María Paula Velarde, Children’s Queen and Givanna Valdez, Queen of Poetry of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024.

The Princesses of Carnaval Mazatlán 2024 could not be missing from this important event: Andrea, Catalina, Irene, Jaraset; Georgina, Samantha, Aspasia and Rubí, as well as the beautiful ambassadors who came from different cities in Mexico and the United States to contribute their grace and beauty to the Carnaval program.

The Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán 1999, S.G.M., participated in the second “Baroque Eclipse” parade. Lai Hi Audelo Chío, who once again felt the affection of the Carnaval public 25 years after being crowned; greeting and smiling non-stop S.G.M. Celia Chío, Queen of the 1974 Floral Games, paraded happily on her 50th anniversary of wearing the crown; Adriana Alfonsina Vizcarra Castro, Children’s Queen on her silver anniversary, and Tania Álvarez, who celebrated her 25th anniversary as Queen of the Floral Games, received the love and applause of the public sd she did five decades ago.

During the parade organized, produced and convened by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, 29 floats and 2 giant puppets participated, created by the artists Francisco Igartua, Juan José Boronat and Ángel Trujillo who are part of the “Ninots” team. ; Cuban Henry Wilson, from Monterrey Jorge González Neri; Enrique Guzmán and Walter Membrila.

The cuetones announced Tuesday’s Carnval troupe that began with the royal section where SGM Carolina III was the main figure; Happy, she saluted gracefully from the heights of her float with gold columns with ornaments in the purest baroque style.

The competition troupes, dance groups seeking a monetary prize, had an outstanding participation this year and during their last appearance before the public and before the jury they gave the best of their dance steps, dressed in striking, creative and colorful costumes that the The audience applauded enthusiastically.

After more than two hours of parade of floats, joyful parades, the passage of beautiful queens, ambassadors, and the grace of the elderly and children on board the allegories, the reactions were surprising from the attendees, like Guillermo Sánchez, a pata salada [Mazatlencan] who was fascinated by the giant puppets, which reminded him of some toys from his childhood.

Gustavo Aispuro, a tourist from Culiacán, Sinaloa, said that it was the first time that he witnessed a Carnaval parade and he was delighted with what he experienced; he promises to return next year.

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