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– With the motto of “Baroque Eclipse” the maximum festival will be held from February 8th to 13th

– The candidates for the royalty are presented at the Angela Peralta Theater

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, October 19, 2023.- With a show based on the different legends about the solar eclipse and the influence of Baroque in the world of the arts, tonight the candidates for the different crowns of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 were presented, taking place from February 8th to the 13th, with the motto: “Eclipse Barroco” [baroque eclipse].

On the forum of the Ángela Peralta Theater, music, dance and amazing images about astrological phenomena and life on Earth governed by the supreme law of the cosmos, the theme of the next Carnaval Mazatlán was revealed and made its first public appearance, ten beautiful women, five gentlemen and two girls who will compete for the titles of the greatest fiesta of the port.

When the candidates came out on stage, they were received with effusive cheers from family, friends and the general public who attended their first appointment with the greatest fiesta.

Competing for the title of Carnaval Queen: Jasaret Álvarez Díaz, 22 years old, Graduate in Cosmetology and Cosmiatry; Aspasia Cárdenas Portillo, 25 years old, Law Degree; Irene Guadalupe Rojas Alcaraz, 23 years old, Industrial Engineer; Mónica Georgina Vázquez Veytia, 24 years old, Graduate in Clinical Psychology and Rubí Carolina Mondragón Madrigal, 25 years old, Graduate in Architecture.

Also wanting to win the top crown: Samantha Espinosa Osuna, 23 years old, university student; Andrea Elizabeth García Navarro, 23 years old, Graduate in Performing Arts; Catalina Castellanos Osuna, 25 years old, Law Degree; Carolina Pano Ruelas, 22 years old, Student at the School of Medicine and Siu Ling Cotero Chío, 24 years old and Language student.

The girls won the sympathies of the public: María Paula Velarde García, 7 years old, and Givanna Valdez Miranda, 8 years old, both candidates for the children’s reign.

Aspiring to reach the center and crown of the King of Joy: Víctor Manuel García Reyes, 31 years old, Nutrition student; Carlos Pabian Carreón Sánchez, 46 years old, architecture student; Héctor Ricardo Ontiveros Limón, 31 years old, with a Bachelor’s degree; Benjamín López de la Paz, 34 years old, Graduate in Nursing and Germán Orozco de la Rosa, 33 years old, Graduate in Graphic Design.

Carnaval symbols

The symbols of each of the reigns of the next Carnaval of Mazatlán, represented by women elegantly dressed in baroque style, could not be missing from this first great Carnaval night.

With a gallant attitude, and dressed in intense red, the young woman who will accompany the Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán ’24 appeared on stage, the living image of fiesta and joy.

Pompous, extravagant, in gold, with a striking headdress of flowers and feathers on her head, she attracted attention, the emblematic figure of the activities related to the reign of the Floral Games, the representative image of dance, of the Classical Baroque that was born at the court of King Louis XIV, the Sun King.

The emotional Baroque linked to music appeared on the stage represented by a girl who plays the violin and who will invariably accompany the children’s court.

With a book in her hand in allusion to the exuberance of literature during the Baroque period, the young woman who will accompany the next King of Carnaval Joy during his most relevant events appeared on stage.

The show

The first part of the show, which went from chaos to the creation of life on Earth, was inspired by the legends about the solar eclipse.
The show inspired by the total eclipse of the sun that will occur on April 8th, 2024 – a phenomenon that happens every 375 years – was supported by amazing projections on the sun and the moon and a great diversity of stars that illuminate the celestial vault, among others. visual resources.

Under the artistic direction of maestra Montserrat Millán, two young people dressed in gold and silver represented the sun and the moon, and on stage, the dancers danced and performed “limpias” in reference to the shamans to “scare away” the dragon that According to Chinese belief, it is eaten in the sun.

The stage performance went through various genres such as tribal and neoclassical music to accompany the pax de deux of The Sun and the Moon inspired by the legend of the Incas that says that when there is an eclipse it is because the sun and the moon have a romance. and they are making love.

After the revelation of the Carnaval theme “Eclipse Barroco” the show turned towards this disturbing era that triggered great changes from a social, cultural, political and economic point of view.

The influence of Baroque in Latin America served of inspiration for the representation of a Caporales dance and a Bolivian “diablada”, accompanied by the happy rhythms of folk music from the Andean countries.

In another scene – prior to the presentation of the child candidates – the artists evoked the stars of hope in reference to the fact that during the eclipse the light goes out but there is always hope that it will return.

The public appreciated the artistic performance of 33 dancers from the Vilanova Ballet, guest soloist dancers and dancers from the Mazatlán Professional Dance School who showed off their technique and stage mastery during their performance adorned with curtains that referred to a classic Baroque style palace.

On this great night the current sovereigns of the greatest fiesta could not be missed: Alejandra Tirado, Queen of the Carnaval; Uma Ramírez, Queen of the Floral Games; Víctor Quiroz, King of the Carnacal; Melanie I, Childhood Queen and Ivanna, Queen of Poetry.

The topic:

“Eclipse Barroco” is the motto of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 and is inspired by the total eclipse of the sun that will occur next year.

The word “eclipse” triggers inspiration in the creative processes that will give life to the greatest festival of the Mazatlecan people, since eclipses have been a source of fears, predictions, but above all, they have generated many legends in different cultures around the world.

The Easterners say that during the eclipse a dragon eats the sun; in Thailand they say it’s a frog; among the Mayans it is a jaguar.
Raúl Rico González, General Director of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, highlighted that eclipses are associated with changes and one of the strongest changes we had was Baroque, a cultural and artistic movement that emerged at the beginning of the century XVII and extended to literature, sculpture, painting, dance and music from approximately 1600 to 1750.

Furthermore, Baroque has always been present in Carnavals, the floats created by Rigoberto Lewis were evidently baroque, and in the next edition of Carnaval Mazatlán, we are giving baroque spirit to a meteorological phenomenon that is going to occur (the total eclipse of sun), he pointed out.

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