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Inspired by the joy that Carnaval Internacinal Mazatlan emanates every year, designer Luis Antonio Ríos González known as “Momo”, was chosen so that in the 2020 edition “Somos América, Pasión, Alegría y Esperanza”, he made the outfit that will be used by the Carnaval King, Paco Vazga, and his royalty.

Excited by what was achieved, “Momo” explained that the creation of the King’s clothing was a personal challenge, where the passion for the big fiesta is reflected in every inch, a total work that considers one of his greatest challenges, achievements and dreams achieved.

For this occasion, the King’s attire is composed of a pair of shoes, pants, shirt, men’s corset, vest, cape, staff, and the crown is composed in 5 dimensions which is made by a tiara, king’s crown, jester’s hat, streamers and musical notes, all hand embroidered, which in total has a weight of 35 kilograms.

This suit was made with taffeta fabric with Italian silk imported from Europe, in addition to wearing sequins, Czechoslovakian glass, beads, and a lot of relief in a bew 3D technique to highlight the masks that are in the dress.

Momo considers that his work is an a joy that combines the arrival of the Spaniards in the search for the city Eldorado, which is why he added tones in gold color, in addition to being full of
Carnaval details such as the traditional confetti, streamers, musical notes , all with the firm objective that the suit be remembered by the public as the one worn by the king of “Somos América, Pasión, Alegría y Esperanza”.

The designer indicated that this work would not have been possible without the great team that supports him, and he hopes that this will be his first outfit for many years to come, since “there is Momo is here for a while”.

To celebrate the great coronation of the Carnaval King, there will be a unique artistic show, with the participation of the folkloric ballet of the Instituto de Cultura, directed by maestro Javier Arcadia, in the musical part, there will be the presentation of the singer Remmy Valenzuela, who will be accompanied by the artist Germán Peralta and the group Los Plebes de Maza. The event will be held on Thursday, February 20, at the Sister Cities Park, starting at 8:00 p.m.

The show is completely free, people can access the place after 6 pm.

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