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A massive, spectacular family fiesta took place this Sunday during the first parade of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco”.

In the long-awaited Sunday party, the rolling floats transported the royal court, honored queens and television artists, while the competition dance troupes and exhibition troupes, the musical groups, and two giant puppets, caught the eye and caused astonishment among thousands and thousands. of spectators who crowded both sides of the coastal promenade to see the passing of the Carnaval parade.

The great party dignified its fun and popular character because this year, like perhaps no other, the almost five kilometers of the parade route were packed with local people, and tourists who came to the Port just to admire the spectacularity of the Carnaval floats from Mazatlán.

At exactly five in the afternoon and thirty minutes and with the support of the elements of the Mexican Navy, personnel from the Instituto de Cultura cleared the route to give fluidity to the parade that began with the passage of the car called “History Begins.”, a creation of Henry Wilson, decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In the “Luz de Sol” car, S.G.M paraded. Alejandra I, Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán 2023, an float characterized by the large peacock plumage forming a circumference where the gold stood out to shelter a smiling queen. Henry Wilson was its creator.

Francisco Igartua designed and built the Royal Carriage of S.G.M. Carolina III, who looked splendid in her royal clothing surrounded by sculptures, fountains and accompanied by the princesses: Andrea, Catalina, Irene and Jasaret. With baroque architectural details and the traditional diamantina, the queen greeted her framed in a large painting that added important elements to form a synthesis of the arts.

Aboard “Plumaje Real” creation by Kreatos, S.G.M. paraded. Lai Hing Audelo Chío, who was honored for celebrating 25 years since she was crowned Carnaval Queen in 1999, her float features a peacock, an exotic bird that had a special place within the tastes of the Baroque era.

“Flights of a Flash”, creation of Jorge González, brought to S.G.M Celia Chío, Queen of the 1974 Floral Games who was honored for 50 years after being crowned.

S.G.M. Uma I, Queen of the 2023 Floral Games, paraded in the “Carriage of History,” the creation of Jorge González. The gold and purple colors with baroque silhouettes and shapes, as well as elegant flowers, adorned every space and every hole in the car.

“Caja Sonora”, a float designed by Kreatos to celebrate the silver anniversary of Queen of the Floral Games, S.G.M. Tania Álvarez was distinguished by having in front a couple of caricatured Carnaval kings wearing masks and highlighting the reflection of a mirror in a baroque style frame.

Siu Ling I, Queen of the Floral Games of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024, paraded aboard a chariot designed by Francisco Igartua in silver and gold, with a female sculpture with large wings that guarded her between mixed Ionic and Corinthian columns and an elegant floating frame that made the Queen the one who caught the surprised glances.

She was accompanied by her princesses Georgina Vázquez, Samantha Espinosa, Aspasia Cárdenas and Rubí Mondragón.

S.G.M. María Paula I, Children’s Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán 2024 paraded aboard “En Tiempos de Barroco”, she was supported by large wings as symbols of love, spirituality and protection.

S.G.M. Melanie I, Children’s Queen 2023, toured the parade aboard “Born of a Flower,” a float with fantastic figures, plants and mushrooms representing a girl born from a flower as in Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “Thumbelina.”

S.G.M. Ivanna II, was on board “I am the Big Bad Wolf”, a car where a story of baroque origin has morals to this day that have not expired with the passage of time, a girl dressed in red and a wolf in a howling position raised questions in young infants to their parents who took them to the parade.

S.G.M Adriana Alfonsina, honored for her 25 years as Children’s Queen in 1999, greeted aboard “El Último Deseo” in which the popular “Puss in Boots” was immediately identified by children and adults.

“Before Midnight” was the car designed by Henry Wilson for the Queen of Poetry 2024, S.G.M Givanna I, to travel down Avenida del Mar in the parade; An open book was the basis for the elements associated with the universal fairy tale of “Cinderella” in its French version.

“Luz de Esperanza”, an inclusive float in which the moon and the sun take advantage of time to be together and form the figure of a heart, is the creation of José Guzmán.

YE. Víctor Quiroz, King of Joy 2023, spread smiles from “La Vida en Carnaval”, where the most popular character in the comedy of art, the harlequin, rides a unicycle and a woman carries a man on her shoulders, in this car the masks They could not hide their creator Jorge González.

H.M. Héctor II, King of Joy of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 was on board a rolling celebration, its creator Francisco Igartua put the charismatic King in his genuine environment, in his tireless joy, fighting against the ephemeral and betting on perpetual Carnaval.
The royal procession of joy, Prince Benjamín López, the Marquez, Victor Reyes, and Duke Germán Orozco, paraded in the Hechizo Guerrero float.

The Ambassadors from different cities in Mexico and the United States showed off their beauties in “Brillo en el Horizonte”, a creation of Kreatos, suns and golden colors where they all shone in their own space.

On board “Jozo carnavalero” paraded Melissa Flores, Mexicana Universal; Carolina Peraza, Mexicana Universal Sinaloa 2023 and Libia Gavica, Mexicana Universal Sinaloa 2024 accompanied by actor Jorge Losa “El Albacete” from the Casa de los Famosos.

There were competition troupes such as “Baile de la Corte” and “Resplandor Baroco” among others as always to bring enthusiasm and energy to the thousands of attendees, troupes such as “Brillo y Esplendor” also participated that accompanied the “Elegance of the Corte” where a baroque dancer caused astonishment throughout the parade.

The parade of floats on this occasion included the participation of two giant moving puppets that caused great excitement among the public, a marching band from the lagoon region and at the end the dancing horses appeared that were well received by the spectators.

Prior to the parade, the passage of the floats from the commercial outpost excited the Carnaval public who, in addition to receiving products from the Carnaval sponsor brands, witnessed the passage of the controversial show journalists Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani from Chisme No Like, among other surprises.

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