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If you are a charismatic person, like to socialize, have dancing skills or you want to participate in the crew of the parade floats or be part of the musical animation in Olas Altas or during the parades of the Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023, you can now submit your application at the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

From January 7th to 13th, the reception of applications is open for those interested in participating in the parade floats during the parades of the maximum Port festival.

The minimum age to participate is 8 years old; must submit a full face and body photo and in the case of minors, they must accompany their request with a letter signed by the parent or guardian authorizing their participation.

Reception of requests from musical groups to play in Olas Altas

Bands and musical groups interested in being part of the great open-air party during the nights of Carnaval in Olas Altas can leave their request from this Monday, January 9th to Friday, January 13th, at the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

Musical groups must submit a formal quotation on letterhead and signed, specifying the event in which they wish to participate, name of the group, number of members, cost of presentations and tax breakdown.

In Olas Altas they would play 5 days, from Friday the 17th, to Tuesday the 21st of February, and must include audio and lighting equipment.

They also have the option of participating in the Carnaval parades, on Sunday, the 19th and Tuesday, the 21st of February. Here they should not consider audio equipment.

Interested parties must submit proof of tax situation, opinion of compliance with tax obligation, INE and proof of address, all updated documentation.

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